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Is Luminette right for me ?

I have winter

I struggle with
falling asleep

I wake up at night
and can't sleep anymore.

I work at night
and I have trouble sleeping.

I travel a lot
and I find jet lag very tiring.

Innovative light therapy
for optimal comfort

Luminette® uses a patented innovative optical technology: placed above eyesight, its beam of light is angled top-down, just as happens naturally under blue skies and allows users to keep their vision free.

Luminette® emits a safe blue-enriched white light peaked at 468 nm. This wavelength is proven to be the most effective at triggering the body's positive response to sunlight. Luminette LED’s have been specifically selected to avoid light close to UV ; these LED’s emit only beneficial light.

Note that Luminette is deemed "eye-safe" according to international standard CEI 62471.

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A safe, certified& clinically proven solution !

Luminette is assessed annually to comply with European CE marking.

Luminette is compliant to International Standard IEC 62471, which classifies it as eye-safe.

Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of Luminette in fighting mood disorders and improving alertness, reaction time and sleep patterns under adverse conditions

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For a more effective experience

MyLuminette is a free chronotherapy application. It generates biological clock rephasing programmes based on algorithms. Developed by the chronotherapist Roland Pec, these programmes include all known chronobiological tools: light exposure, avoidance of light, taking melatonin, sleep, etc.

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