30 days
money back

How refund works?

You have 30 days to test the device


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Within just a few days of ordering you'll receive your Luminette.


You have a whole month to trial your Luminette. We recommend that you use Luminette consistently for a minimum of 10 consecutive days.


After a month, you can choose to be refunded for your Luminette if you are not satisfied for whatever reasons. See more details on the refund page.

Livraison gratuite

Characteristics & benefits of the Luminette

Use Luminette for
20 minutes every day

You’ll feel the first effects and regain energy after a few days (4 to 8 days).

Luminette is guaranteed for 2 years starting from the purchase date.

The result of 4 years of research
at the University of Liege (Belgium).

Luminette is compatible with glasses and contact lenses.

Conform to the European marking.

What you will receive
with your order

Your Luminette

A protective case

A micro USB wall charger

A microfiber cleaning cloth

Guarantee certificate

Your instruction manual

A comfort foam for the nose

Livraison gratuite

How many days until your package is delivered?

For Belgium and Luxembourg :
1 to 3 working days

For France, Germany and the United Kingdom :
2 to 4 working days

For all other countries in the European Union :
2 to 5 working days